Capture the magic this Christmas

Merry Cam™ is a motion detection HD video camera cleverly designed to look like a Christmas ornament.
Seize each moment of joy and wonder this festive season.

Merry Cam

Motion Detector Video Camera

Merry Cam™ is a Motion Detector Video Camera, creatively designed to look like a Christmas ornament. During this festive season, let this piece of wonder’s wireless motion detector catch all the priceless expressions from your little ones with this fantastic keepsake.  This simple yet chic device is meant to collect all memories made from the shared moments. Made more than just to bedeck your Christmas tree, Merry Cam™, developed to be a motion sensor device, will let you finish other Christmas chores.

Merry Cam™ allows you to clue in on the action. Its motion sensor will surely record every single moment from opening of gifts to the smiles stretched from ear to ear. It provides the convenience of turning on and off automatically after 3 minutes when camera detection sees no movement. The moment there are movements, it will start doing what it was made for: to keep memories alive.

Fashioned as a holiday décor, this creative Christmas charm is a wireless camera made to capture the children’s joyful moments of this splendid occasion. Powered by a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, this modest gizmo provides up to 3 hours of continuous recording time and built with a Motion detection sensor. Ingeniously crafted as a wireless camera and as a motion sensor camera all throughout the occasion, it will dynamically record all the sharing and giving this season is meant for.

Even if you never caught the cheer and laughter while you were engaged in Christmas preparation, this motion sensor detector will never again let you miss a moment. This worry-free incredible implement will surely allow you to see all the wonderful and precious moments come alive in this most magical time of the year.

Motion Detector Video Camera Ornament
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